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Our vision is to create a better world for the next generation by offering products that are kind to the earth. We create vibrant, high-performance yoga mats and accessories using sustainable materials and working with factories who are socially responsible. While we understand the impossibility of leaving no environmental footprint, we are committed to doing our best to tread as lightly as we can. Here are some of the ways we do it:


We proudly use Recycled PET in a variety of our products in order to help keep plastic out of oceans and landfills. We repurpose old plastic bottles into an ultra-absorbent microfiber material used in our Combo Mats, Towels, Bags, and Bolsters. Using R-PET is not only good for the environment, but this "suede-like" material offers amazing grip, absorption and cozy softness to our yoga products.

To date, we've diverted over 861,000 plastic bottles (and counting!)





Our Cork mats, wheels, and blocks are made using the outer bark of the cork oak tree. Cork trees are the only trees in the world that regenerate stripped bark… meaning not a single tree is cut down to harvest cork. Instead, the bark is stripped by hand every 9 years to ensure each tree regenerates fully. What’s more, harvested cork oak trees can live up to 300 years.  Cork is naturally anti-microbial (meaning it won't absorb odor and bacteria,) increases its grip the warmer it gets, and provides supportive, durable cushioning.  



The base layer of our mats is made from sustainable, non-Amazonian natural tree rubber that offers a unique springy ride that cushions and protects joints, while also remaining stable and supportive for any pose. Natural rubber stays put on the floor better than foam base layers and provides denser cushioning.



We use non-toxic, water-based inks to print our product designs.

We are updating our packaging to use recycled kraft paper labels and boxes, and are actively working to minimize packaging.

While we aren’t perfect, we strive to find solutions that are better for our planet and our community in everything we do. 




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